Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia

“Together our hospital partners treat or admit over 1,000,000 children each year. On average 300 children are admitted and over 3,000 occasions of service or care are delivered each day”.

There are few people in Australia whose lives have not been, or will not be, touched by our children’s hospitals.

Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia is the national partnership of five of Australia’s leading children’s hospital foundations.

  • ✓ Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation SA
  • ✓ Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation VIC
  • ✓ Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation QLD
  • ✓ Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation NSW
  • ✓ Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation WA

Together we form the major, non-government funding bodies for clinical research, equipment and patient/family hospital services in our children’s hospitals that otherwise would not exist.

Companies seeking a national partnership now have an opportunity to have their commitment and support of excellence in child health recognised throughout Australia in association with a tangible, respected face in each state.