1. Shout yourself to a professional facial once per month - your skin will love you for it and your face should start to glow with thanks.
Or if money is a bit short - run into the kitchen and beat up some egg whites, apply to your skin and leave for a few minutes before rinsing off. Your skin will feel tighter and more refined.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, fibre and low-fat proteins. You have heard this all before but it really is vital for your health and vitality to keep off the refined carbohydrates, fatty foods, refined sugars and heavy oils.
Eating the right foods can often cure or at the very least help an assortment of different ailments. Remember when eating fruits and vegetables - choose an assortment of different varieties and colours to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need. Choose only fresh and crisp produce.
Try not to simply buy the cheapest as this may not be the best in quality. Peel the vegetables only when necessary as all the valuable vitamins and nutrients are just below the surface of the vegetable. Also always wash the produce before cooking not before storing.

3. Steer clear of cigarettes, cigars and too much alcohol which rob your body of much needed nutrients and vitamins. You do not have to be told again how dangerous these vices can be. See section on smoking.

4. Enjoy more walks in nature with friends or people you care about. Walk the dog or go by yourself.
Being in nature can re-energise your deflated and worn out batteries and recharge the senses. Walking improves circulation and helps the body to keep warm in winter. Your overall fitness and shape will start to improve.
Start slowly and work your way up to longer periods of time. Be sure to get a full examination by your family doctor before starting any exercise program.

5. Drink more filtered water per day - to cleanse your body and to feel revitalised. Filtered is always better than tap water so invest in a filter system. Some fit to your tap in the kitchen and other less expensive systems are simply jugs with a small filter on top through which you pour the water. These simpler ones do need replacing every month or so and are inexpensive and easy to obtain.

6. Buy a new perfume - one you haven't tried before - just to be daring! He will appreciate the new fragrance and you will feel like a new person. See our section on choosing your favourite perfume.

7. Give your hair a boost by trying a conditioning hair treatment at least once per month if not more regularly depending on the condition of your hair. Ensure those ends are trimmed regularly and nourish the scalp to keep your hair in top condition.

8. Massage your scalp regularly to stimulate it and keep your hair follicles nourished with nutrients. Massage also has the added benefit of relaxing you before bedtime. Be sure to massage with the fingertips moving the scalp and not the hair itself.
To improve the condition and tone the scalp, try the following blends in 20ml (1 tablespoon) of base oil (try Jojoba as the base/carrier oil to give your scalp even more nourishment). This will do about six treatments.

For NORMAL hair - 3 drops Rosemary oil, 3 drops Lemon oil and 4 drops Geranium oil.

For DRY hair - 3 drops Lavender oil, 4 drops Sandalwood oil and 3 drops Geranium Oil.

For OILY hair - 4 drops Basil oil, 4 drips Cypress oil and 2 drops Rosemary oil.

For a FLAKY scalp - 4 drops Lavender oil, 4 drops Geranium oil and 2 drops Sandalwood oil.

9. Give yourself a relaxing bath using aromatherapy oils. Good choices for relaxation and de-stressing are - 1 drop Lavender, 2 drops Tangerine and 3 drops Sandalwood.
Don't worry that you are not putting much in your bath, you only need a few drops in your bath to feel the difference.

10. Try drinking fresh fruit or vegetable juices everyday instead of bottled/canned juices. These are full of nutrients and vitamins and can give your body a sensational boost. They should of course be drunk in moderation however. Good choices are:-

For ENERGY - equal parts of spinach, carrot and celery juice and add one tablespoon of lemon and parsley juice.

For your SKIN - equal parts of tomato juice and celery juice. OR celery and carrot, parsley and lemon juice.

For a general PICK ME UP - Mix the juice of 3 oranges, 1 lemon, 1 small can of pineapple juice and a cup of left-over juice from any bottled fruit, peaches, pears, apricots, etc.

11. Buy a new lipstick. Getting tired of your old favourites? Why not try a different shade to enliven your spirits.
Try a lipstick with built in moisturisers to keep those lips in great condition all year round.

12. Treat yourself to a pedicure. How often do we pamper the rest of our body and leave our poor feet to fend for themselves? Sound familiar? It does not take much to look after them occasionally.
Why not invest in a pumice stone to take off the rough parts of the sole of the foot. Other equipment you may want to buy are cuticle removers, a good pair of nail clippers, nail polish, nail polish remover, a nice selection of aromatherapy oils to put in your bath before you start your pedicure and a good foot moisteriser is highly recommended.

13. Get your partner to give you a neck massage once a week. This can be a great stress reliever - both for you and your partner!
You will need to invest in some essential oils and a carrier oil. Put about 1 drop of essential oil to every 4ml of carrier oil. Use different types of oils for different types of massages. Good choices are - Rose (nurturing), Rosemary (tired and sore muscles), Sandalwood (depression, stress, nervous tension), Tangerine (stretch marks), Grapefruit (cellulite), Jasmine (indifference, apathy, to build confidence).
Remember some essential oils should not be used during pregnancy - always check with a professional before using.

14. Cut down on the amount of coffee, coke and/or tea that you drink everyday. Your body will thank you for it and your complexion may improve as a result.
Alternatives are filtered water, low-cal cordial, Ecco or Caro, herbal teas (watch if you are pregnant - there are teas you should avoid - ask for professional advice), or fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

15. Breathe..... not just shallow breaths.... deep luxuriant inhales. This can give you more energy when you are tired and enliven the spirits during the afternoon.
Breathing properly can also relax your body and stop it from becoming too tense.

16. Read more books - there are so many out there and you can get them for free from your local library. They can make you laugh, cry, more knowledgeable, excited and explore your potential.
There are many wonderful health books available at your pharmacy too. You could cut out some television time to start to read more.

17. Take up a hobby that you enjoy. Hobbies are wonderful stress relievers and you may meet some new and exciting people along the way. There are plenty to choose from and some are advertised in your local paper.
TAFE have adult enrichment courses available a couple of times per year and are advertised in your local paper. You can also contact your local TAFE for more details.

18. Make non-alcoholic fresh fruit cocktails for a refreshing and healthy alternative to drinking alcohol or caffeine products. Let your imagination run a little wild with your creations to delight your friends and family.
They are simple and quick to make and all you really need is fruit and a blender. Add some different flavours with yogurt (natural) and spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon. You can even use parts of the fruits as garnish to top off your masterpiece. Bon apetite!!!

19. Do that 'thing' you have been putting off for months. Procrastination can cause all sorts of problems in our minds and bodies. Think of how much better you will feel once that dreaded 'thing' is completed.
Whether it is paying off your credit card, losing some extra pounds, writing to your Aunty, or starting a course. Just start and see how good you will feel.

20. Try a new hair colour. Give yourself the lift you deserve. It is not as scary as it may sound. There are many reputable brands available these days and as long as you follow the instructions, the results can be very natural looking.
Ask a professional for more advice and help in choosing the best shade for you.

21. Assess your lifestyle and make any necessary changes. Are you continuously stressed and tired? Cranky, moody, emotional (when it is not your period time!), sluggish?
There are ways to help yourself. It may be that you need to have a thorough check up at your doctors or naturopath to try to isolate the cause of your troubles.
Naturopaths will take a holistic approach looking at your body, mind and spirit as a whole while your doctor may ensure there is nothing more serious wrong.
What foods are you eating regularly? Are you allergic to anything? How are your relationships going? Your finances? Do you feel fulfilled with your life or is there more that you would like to be achieving?
It may be time you considered speaking with health care professionals about your individual situation. There are many people available to help you - naturopaths, counsellors, iridologists, dieticians, doctors, pharmacists, chiropractors, massage therapists, Chinese Medicine practitioners.
Be careful in choosing your medical professional and make sure that you feel comfortable with the person before proceeding any further. It may be that you are wasting your money and time to no avail. Choose practitioners who are members of reputable organisations and associations.