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Caruso's Natural Health FertileMAX Tab X 60
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Conception and pregnancy are complicated processes that depend upon many factors. In men these factors include the:

1) Production of healthy sperm
2) Sperm's ability to reach the egg
3) Sperm's ability to fertilise the egg when they meet

For men, healthy sperm production and a healthy libido are important for pregnancy to occur. If you want to help your chances of getting pregnant it is essential your partner has good healthy sperm.

Healthy male fertility depends on healthy sperm production and sperm quality. Healthy sperm can have a profound impact on your partner's fertility and your chances of having a baby. If you're interested in getting pregnant it may be a good idea to help your partner get his sperm as healthy as possible.

Did you know that in normal healthy men, approximately 20 million sperm per millilitre (ml) of semen need to be present in the ejaculate, which have enough mobility (movement) and strength to swim the journey to the fallopian tube, where conception normally takes place? So a lot of things have to go right, before conception takes place.

Researchers are finding having healthy sperm may be just as important as the total amount of sperm that is produced. Normal sperm has an oval head and a long tail that propels and pushes it forward. Importantly, more than one-third of your partner's sperm need to be of a normal healthy shape and structure for healthy conception to take place.

Optimise reproductive health

Most people are not aware healthy sperm counts in modern men have been declining for years. Even under the best circumstances, only 50 to 70 percent of a man's sperm are healthy.

Sperm can be especially vulnerable to a wide range of factors which can cause it damage. These problems include ageing and stress. Even the time of day can influence sperm health. Sperm levels are healthier in the morning, so morning intercourse is best for baby making!

Sperm have a very demanding role to play in fertilisation Believe it or not, the journey sperm undertake to fertilise an egg has been compared to a human trying to swim several thousand kilometres. Riding the wave of semen will only take the sperm so far. To reach the egg, sperm have to move on their own, wriggling and swimming the final centimetres to reach and penetrate the egg. Sperm should be able to swim in a forward manner for a sustained period of time.

So is your partner's sperm good enough to reach your egg? Here's one possible situation - Despite several months of effort, you and your partner haven't yet conceived. You both might be wondering whether you're doing all you can to make sure he has healthy sperm.

What you can do to produce healthy sperm?

You can take action to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Now there's a new formula called Sperm MAX which might be just what you need! Sperm MAX is for couples who want to try to optimise their reproductive health.

Scientifically formulated, unique Sperm MAX is a special blend of herbs and nutrients designed specifically for men trying-to-conceive a child with their partner.

The scientists at the Australian owned, natural health company, Totally Natural Products, developed Sperm MAX to specifically address key health issues associated with healthy male fertility.

These issues include:

✓ Sperm health
✓ Sperm quality (shape and movement)
✓ Hereditary DNA building blocks
✓ Seminal volume
✓ Stress
✓ Libido

Sperm MAX may play an important role in healthy sperm development and performance.

Healthy sperm production may mean healthy male fertility It is estimated only one in a hundred thousand sperms actually survive the journey to fertilise the egg. That's why you need as many healthy sperm as possible to give yourself every chance.
Healthy normal sperm counts are very important. Unique Sperm MAX contains Co-enzyme Q10, Lycopene and Zinc. Co-enzyme Q10 may help promote healthy sperm production in normal, healthy men. As a protective antioxidant, Co-enzyme Q10 reduces the damaging effects of free radicals which may damage sperm cells.

Lycopene is another antioxidant in the Sperm MAX formula, which may help promote healthy sperm production within the normal range.
The antioxidant effects of Lycopene also counteract sperm damaging free radicals. Selenium is essential for male fertility and it has been included in Sperm MAX for sperm production. Selenium concentration in seminal plasma is directly related to healthy sperm levels and total sperm concentrations within the healthy to normal range.

Selenium is also important as it is required for testosterone biosynthesis and for the formation, development and normal maturation of sperm. This is because testosterone regulates sperm production. A Zinc deficiency may also cause low levels of testosterone in men. Just as well there is a therapeutic dose of Zinc in Sperm MAX!

Sperm MAX also contains Testofen...

Zinc is a most critical trace mineral and is found in high concentrations in semen. The Zinc in Sperm MAX may help promote healthy sperm production and it may help maintain seminal volumes within the healthy range. Zinc may also help maintain ealthy sperm. A deficiency of Zinc does not make for optimum performance and production of both sperm and semen.

It's a fact...
healthy sperm just move better!

The special Sperm MAX formula has been developed to help sperm move better. Specially selected ingredients in Sperm MAX may help ensure movement of your partner's sperm, is as good as it can be. The Lycopene and Zinc in Sperm MAX may help maintain healthy sperm shape. Lycopene may help promote healthy sperm movement or motility. Whilst Zinc is required for the proper formation and maturity of sperm cells. Zinc content is also high in adult testis.

Oxidative stress may damage the sperm membrane, decreasing the sperm's flexibility and tail motion. This will hamper the sperm's ability to move properly and is one of the reasons why Co-enzyme Q10 is in Sperm MAX. The energy for movement in sperm cells depends on the availability of Co-enzyme Q10. As such, Co-enzyme Q10 may help promote healthy sperm movement. Co-enzyme Q10 provides energy to sperm, which is very important given the distance sperm has to travel.

Importantly a deficiency of Selenium in a male's body may result in the active impairment of sperm movement. So the Selenium in Sperm MAX is a very important.

Essential Nutrients for DNA

DNA is the building block of all human cells. DNA is an essential component of all new, healthy cells in the body. So it's important your partner's sperm has good quality DNA. Folic Acid is a cofactor used for making DNA. This is why Folic Acid is such a key nutrient in the Sperm MAX formula.

Boost your man's sex drive!

There's no point having great sperm if your man's sex drive is low! Sperm MAX contains key ingredients to help boost your partner's libido. Korean ginseng is used as a reproductive tonic and aphrodisiac. It may enhance your partner's sexual desire. Korean ginseng may assist with healthy sexual function. So if your guy is feeling too weak, tired or exhausted, Korean Ginseng may be able to help him. Korean ginseng may also assist with energy, stamina and his immunity.

Siberian ginseng is also in Sperm MAX and it may help with fatigue. It may even strengthen his immune system. Traditionally Siberian ginseng is used to increase energy and vitality. Siberian ginseng may assist with fatigue, endurance and performance. Another reason for adding Co-enzyme Q10 to this fantastic formula is because it may help with your partner's energy levels and fatigue.

Did you know that testosterone levels in men decline with age? And low testosterone levels may result in a low libido? Often this may be due to a Zinc deficiency. Therefore the therapeutic dose of Zinc in the high potency Sperm MAX formula may assist in overcoming this problem.

Relax and keep your sperm as healthy as possible

Stress is a major reason why a man's sperm production may not be at peak health. Stress may interfere with certain hormones needed to produce sperm. Not only that, but stress may decrease sexual desire and libido. Stress may increase the generation of free radicals in your body, which reduce and interfere with healthy sperm production. This is why Sperm MAX contains Korean and Siberian ginseng. These high potency ‘anti-stress' herbs may increase your resistance to stress. They may also help your body adapt to stressful situations. Korean ginseng in particular may help counter the effects of stress and relieve the symptoms of stress.

Optimising male reproductive health!

Unique Sperm MAX is scientifically formulated to support overall reproductive health in men. The healthier the sperm the better are your chances of starting a family. Sperm MAX may assist with healthy sperm production, healthy sperm movement and sex drive.

Not all male preconception pills are the same, so get your partner to try Sperm MAX today! You and your partner maybe so glad you did!

Active Ingredients

Each tablet contains:
Panax ginseng (Korean Ginseng)
Equiv. to dry root............................................................2.7g (2700mg)
Standardised to Ginsenosides 67.5mg
Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian Ginseng)
Equiv. to dry root............................................................2.5g (2500mg)
Standardised to Syringaresinol diglucosides 1.33mg
Trigonella foenum-graecum, (Fenugreek- Testofen™)
Extract equiv. to dry seed....................................................1g (1000mg)
Ubidecarenone (CoEnzyme Q10).....................................................60mg
Zinc Oxide...............................................................................31.12mg
Equiv. to Zinc 25mg
Folic Acid..................................................................................500mcg
Equiv. Selenium 100mcg

Take 1 tablet daily with food or as advised by your Healthcare Professional.

Cautions/Warnings and Contra-Indications

✓ Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Healthcare Professional
✓ Contains Zinc which may be dangerous when used in large amounts for long periods of time
✓ Contains Selenium which is toxic in high doses. A daily dose of 150mcg for adults of Selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded
✓ Use in children under the age of 18 years, is not recommended
✓ Caution: Take at least one hour away from all other pharmaceutical medications



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